How to figure out who didn’t accept your Instagram request

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In addition to knowing who doesn’t follow you back, you can find out who didn’t accept your “follow” request on Instagram. That is, find out if someone who had a closed account did not accept – or did not respond – to your “friend” request in the app.

This “friend request” information is in the settings, but not so clear. Friend requests submitted (or the request to follow on Instagram) can be accessed using the following paths. See the tips on the subject below.

How to figure out who didn't accept your Instagram request

How to see who didn’t accept you on Instagram

The easiest way to see who didn’t accept you on Instagram is to go straight to the link:

Requests to follow current

This is a web interface and you need to be signed in to your browser account.


On Instagram Web

You can also use the following path:

  1. Open Instagram on the web (visit;
  2. Sign in to your account;
  3. Click on your profile (avatar icon);
  4. Now in Settings (gear icon);
  5. Under Privacy and Security, choose the “View Account Data” section;
  6. There, look for “Current Follow Requests” and click the “See All” option.

In the Instagram app

If you don’t want to leave the social networking app, it’s also easy:

  1. Open your Profile and tap the top menu;
  2. In Settings, tap Security;
  3. Select the “Access Data” option under Data and History;
  4. Under Connections will be “Requests to follow current” and “See all”.

Note that usernames are neither clickable nor copyable. If you don’t remember and want to know who it is, copy and try pasting it to the URL.

This allows you to know who has not accepted your request to follow on Instagram.

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