Joystick For Call of Duty Mobile on Android: can you use it?

Does Call of Duty Mobile support controllers, joysticks and Bluetooth joypads? Is it possible to play Call of Duty Mobile on Android with controllers and joysticks? The answer

Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS, download it NOW!

Call of Duty Mobile controller, joystick and Android joypad

As we saw in our previous article, Call of Duty Mobile is finally available on Android and iOS smartphones.

In another article we saw all the maps available in the game, or at least those that were available at launch, as many others will arrive in the future.

Finally, we have dedicated another article to the tricks, codes and cheats of Call of Duty Mobile.

Since we have already talked in depth about the game in the other article, we will not waste any more time explaining how it works and what this spectacular game offers that finally arrives also on smartphones and tablets (with support for external bluetooth controllers among other things).

We will go straight to the point and we will try to understand if it is possible to play Call of Duty Mobile using controllers, joysticks and Bluetooth joypads on Android.

Can you or can’t you? Here is the answer

Without too many words and without wasting time, at the moment the answer is NO.

In the Beta version of Call of Duty Mobile users could use bluetooth controllers and joysticks to face the games and interact more precisely and comfortably with the characters of the game and above all kill the opponents more quickly.

With the release of the final version on the Play Store, however, support for external controllers has been removed from Call of Duty Mobile.

This means that at the moment it is not possible to play using input devices other than the screen of our smartphone.

I’m sorry, but at the moment this is the situation. I do not know if things will change in the future, but in the case of course we will update the article.

And there are no alternatives?

The answer is obviously yes.

The best alternative I can recommend is to download Call of Duty Mobile on a Windows PC by following our guide: Playing Call of Duty Mobile on a Windows PC: here’s how to do it

In this way you can use Call of Duty Mobile with mouse and keyboard: killing and defeating enemies will be as easy as ever!


If you have not already done so, run now to download Call of Duty Mobile for free on your device, just click on the respective links below for iOS and Android:



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