3 Tricks to Play Blanka in Street Fighter V

Blanka was released on Street Fighter V during the third season update, alongside other classic and unpublished fighters. He arrived at the game with almost all of his known moves, but with space for news. Here are tips for playing with Blanka:

Blanka in Street Fighter V

The tips in this text reflect the Street Fighter V updates released through July 2020.

1. How is Blanka?

Blanka is the old monstrous character from the Street Fighter series, one of Brazil’s representatives in the series, including. The creature lived in Amazonian forests and became one of the greatest icons in the entire saga.

In Street Fighter V he returns with his classic look – green skin and reddish hair – also with characteristic strokes, such as the famous body shock, which is activated with the punch buttons.

However, like all the characters that participate in the game, Blanka has space for news, especially involving the V-Skill and V-Trigger system, unprecedented in Street Fighter V.

2. Who plays Blanka?

Blanka is not a projectile fighter, that is, attacks that strike from a distance. In fact it is very corporal and requires technique from players who prefer to attack in a close way. But, as always, practice is necessary.

Blanka is an excellent character for fitting combos with special moves. Its electricity attack is more useful than it seems when taking opponents by surprise – as it is less slow in this version.

Whoever plays Blanka is that type of player who prefers to be cautious when attacking, but who is not afraid to use devastating combos at the right time.

Always remembering to use V-Trigger or V-Skills against opponents. They are the secret of some victories.

3. Blanka’s Combos

Blanka’s combos are quite guaranteed in their normal strokes, but fit well with the Up Ball and Blanka Ball strokes.

Basic combos

  • Lowered, medium kick, lowered, weak punch, weak kick, raise with Up Ball
  • Lowered, medium kick, raises with weak punch, medium punch, Blanka Ball
  • Weak kick, weak kick, low, weak punch, Up Ball

Special bar combos

  • Any combo above but with Blanka Ball loaded with special
  • Down, medium kick, Electric Thunder, Blanka Ball loaded

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