How to warn Apple of bugs found on iOS

Since Apple decided to open to all users the possibility of trying out the beta versions of iOS, the stability and accuracy of the various elements of the aforementioned operating system have improved considerably. This is because there is an application called “Feedback”, present just in the beta of iOS, which allows anyone to send bug reports, or simply suggestions, to the Cupertino company. So let’s see how to use it to alert and help Apple in the development of its mobile software compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Use the “Feedback” app on iPhone and iPad

To install the Feedback application on the iPhone and iPad, all you need to do is join the iOS and iPadOS beta testing program. To do this, simply be recognized as a developer or simply wait for the released public versions and install the “Beta Software Profile” profile. Once done, the service will automatically appear on the home screen of the device in question and can be used to notify Apple of errors in use. 

  • Open the “Feedback” application
  • Click on the dialing button at the top right
  • Choose the reason for the communication (iOS & iPadOS in our case)
  • Add the information related to the report (device on which the problem was found, which area of ​​the system, a brief description and so on).
  • Add an image, screenshot or video (recommended but not needed)
  • Conclude with “Submit” at the top right

Send bug report to apple

The application is also quite useful to help the user understand what changes have been made after an update. To verify this, all you need to do is access the “Inbox” section of the main screen. 

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