WhatsApp could block screenshots: on arrival for the beta version the possibility to prevent other users from saving screenshots to the chat without consent.
WhatsApp: screenshots blocked by the next update?

Spying on WhatsApp could become increasingly difficult. Taking a screenshot and saving a screen is one of the most appreciated and used features by users since the beginning of the popular instant messaging chat. Now, as revealed by WABetainfo, the possibility of saving screen on WhatsApp could be blocked, but only for some users.

For many save screen is essential: it is possible to do it in different ways and the function is closely linked to the type of smartphone used, which allows you to store screens according to commands that vary from model to model.

The WhatsApp beta update, which can be subscribed both via Android and iOS, contains a significant setting that could make the screenshots saved on the chat farewell.

WhatsApp: goodbye screenshot?

The screenshots on WhatsApp could be blocked but only for those users who take advantage of the new chat protection through fingerprint and facial recognition, which prevents prying eyes from accessing conversations if they do not have the appropriate biometric scan.

Those who choose to activate this particular option can in fact block and inhibit other users from the possibility of taking screenshots without our consent. A function still in the testing phase but which could, after a period of improvement and running-in, soon see the light in one of the next updates.

WhatsApp aims to increase security for its users, and the possibility of blocking any unwanted screenshots is just one of the last features that would bring the app closer to Telegram (the number one rival of Mark Zuckerberg’s chat), providing more members with protection regarding your privacy.

The novelty is contained in version 2.19.106 of WhatsApp Beta and will be released within a few days. We do not yet know if as Snapchat you will be able to know who has tried to take a screenshot of our conversation, through a personalized notification or if simply the saved screen will appear black (as it happens for Netflix mobile). Was the era of screenshots on WhatsApp coming to an end?


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