In this article, we will see the collection of best free games by categories, available for your iPhone. All of these games are self-tested by team of Teknologya. To download the game you just need to Click on the name to go to the Download page on the App Store.

Without wasting your time, let’s check out the games arranged by categories to provide you a quick navigation depending on your taste. You can move to your favorite category by selecting one from the list.

  1. Sports Games
  2. Puzzle Game
  3. Strategic Games
  4. Platform
  5. Arcade & Adventure

Sports Games for iPhone

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne
    The best racing game on the App Store. Graphically stunning, it allows you to drive a certain number of custom-built cars around tracks all over the world. Competition and speed make it unmissable.
  2. Crazy Taxi City Rush
    A frantic racing game that sees us driving a taxi. Collect bonuses and reach your destination on time. This version of Crazy Taxi has many mini-games and secondary challenges. One of the best games of all time on the App Store.
  3. Fifa Mobile Soccer
    A football game much appreciated by all over the world. In his incarnation for mobile devices is free-to-play. It’s always nice to be able to play a game occasionally on the move.
  4. Flappy Golf
    A title reminiscent of the name, the famous Flappy Bird. It is a game of golf with minimalist graphics that is addictive. Help the ball to enter the hole with a simple tap. Equipped with online and local multiplayer. Game for the whole family.
  5. Putt Golf
    Another simple golf game with clean graphics. Try to pocket the ball with a swipe or with the movement of the device. It has different game modes and can be really challenging.
  6. Score! Hero
    Of the series “there is not only Fifa”, this is a very special and fun soccer game. More than anything else based on the “swipe” gesture, it consists in carrying on the career of our player, scoring goals and coming to glory.
  7. Tennis Champs Returns
    Great classic for Amiga that returns on iPhone! You do not see many tennis games around but this is definitely one of the most fun and original. We can embark on a tennis career or challenge other players from around the world.
  8. Tiny Striker
    A soccer game whose main objective is to make goals. Use the classic swipe on the device to shoot on goal or to use the men on the barrier and deflect the ball to the opponents. Retro graphics and simplicity are the strengths of this game.

Puzzle Game for iPhone

  1. 1010! 
    Clearly inspired by Tetris, this new puzzle game has a simple and intuitive structure. It is a theoretically endless puzzle, very engaging and easy to play. Combine lines and figures to make them disappear. An old-school game that can give great satisfaction.
  2. Angry Birds Rio
    Famous game now proposed a long time. This version brings the birds to Rio and is free with over 320 levels! One of the best accomplished pastimes in the App Store. To be tried at least once in a lifetime.
  3. Bejeweled Blitz A very
    popular puzzle game based on the concept “align 3 equal types”; manages to be an explosion of colors, sounds and images. The screen rewards, social integration and simple but well-designed gameplay make it an engaging and eternal game.
  4. Candy Crash Soda Saga
    From the creators of the famous Candy Crush Saga, a version enriched with “soda”. It is always a puzzle game of style aligns 3 identical objects, always very colorful and fun. Mode and other additions are paid but the game can also be used without spending anything.
  5. Innovative Dots game with essential design. Delete points (dot precisely) in the best way possible and in a limited time. Great for making records, it is one of the most downloaded games on iPhone.
  6. Draw Something Free
    Draw what is suggested to you and let your opponent guess. Game available for some time but always supported and updated. Very recommended for having fun with friends and multiplayer with other people.
  7. Drop 7
    Game that hypnotizes for its simplicity and clean graphics. It’s a puzzle game whose purpose is to align disks with numbers and to see them burst when they reach the right number. The version that can currently be downloaded has unfortunately introduced advertising while remaining free.
  8. Flow Free
    Game that has been around for a while and is always a lot of fun to try. The puzzle game consists of joining lines of the same color to complete the levels (2000 free ones). Graphically colored and with pleasant sound effects.
  9. Letterpress
    Another asynchronous word game very similar to Ruzzle but even better than the game it inspired. Try to win by using words and blocking letters to your opponent, use strategies and improve with time. Clashes that until the last minute can see the score overturn.
  10. Ruzzle
    Popular multiplayer word game. Challenge your friends or strangers, find the most words and as soon as possible. Basic gameplay that is addictive. Recommended for everyone.
  11. Sparkwave
    Game in hexagons where you control a ray of light through paths. Very challenging for the reflexes, provides the use of power-ups that somehow change and facilitate the gameplay.
  12. Trainyard Express
    One of the best puzzle games on the App Store. The mechanics of the game are very simple: draw a path to bring the trains of a color to a destination of the same color. Initially, it is easy, with advancing it becomes full of intersections and complicated combinations.
  13. Warp Shift
    Puzzle based on mazes. Graphically very nice to see, it is about arranging elements of the environment to get the main character to the exit. Currently free but will return to payment as soon as possible; hurry up!

Strategic games for iPhone

  1. Clash Royale
    Multiplayer game among the most popular ever. It is a game based on arenas, where you will have to plan attacks and defenses and build fortifications. Provides the use of collectible cards with which you can challenge friends and strangers.
  2. Fallout Shelter
    Mobile adaptation of one of the most famous PC / Console games: Fallout. Genre completely different than the older brother, it is a management of Vault in which we will take care of inhabitants, expand our space with new rooms, gyms and laboratories. It will keep us busy for several hours.
  3. Hearthstone
    Card game developed by Blizzard (Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft). It is a game that creates a high dependence thanks to the ability to make fast games and collect hundreds of different cards. To get to certain levels, requires in-app purchase of other card packs.
  4. Heroes of Order & Chaos
    The best MOBA games: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, will also be those playable with mouse and touch on computer, but this game proves to be up to the big PC productions. Varied and compelling, you can play in teams of 3 to 5 players that strategic partnerships needed to succeed. Curiosity: the game can also be broadcast live on Twitch.
  5. Metal Slug Defense
    Another great classic returns to the iPhone. Metal Slug Defense, however, looks like a tower defense, where their troops must be organized to destroy the enemy. Also includes multiplayer online gaming.
  6. Pitfall! 
    Clone of Temple Run but inspired by the famous game for Atari. Run as far as possible with 3D graphics and a very special style. Non-stop with a great variety of different situations. Excellent alternative to the classic Temple Run.
  7. Planet Quest
    A rhythm of the music! This game is a rhythm game based on timing and listening skills. Simple to play but hard to master, it will keep hardcore gamers busy with increasingly difficult challenges.
  8. Plants vs Zombie 2
    Surely one of the most famous among the many games on the App Store. He has won many “Game of the Year” awards and continues to be one of the most downloaded. Strategic that consists in the use of a certain number of vegetables to repel a zombie attack. Lots of bonuses and potentially make it one of the longest-running games ever.
  9. Tiny Tower
    Pixel art graphics for a management game in which you have to control different activities and make money. Normally this type of securities involves the purchase of packages (with real money) to proceed faster in growth, this game is enjoyable even in its completely free version.
  10. Vainglory
    Incredible graphics at the top for a mobile device. This is the MOBA genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Fight against real opponents from around the world in 3-person teams. Free-to-play, you can play as much as you want in a free way, choosing from the proposed fighters; if you want to use a non-free character, obviously you have to pay in-app to unlock it, but the game does not penalize players who do not want to spend money. Tremendously funny.

Platform for iPhone

  1. Froggy Jump
    Doodle Jump Clone with which it shares the game mechanics. It’s a vertical scrolling platformer that has more bonuses, objects and themes to use while you let a frog jump into the level. There is no shortage of rankings and integration with the Game Center.
  2. iCopter Classic
    Best incarnation of the famous iCopter game. Try to fly with the helicopter for as long as possible. Simple gameplay that only requires one touch.
  3. Into the Dead
    Yet another endless runner but this time with a dark atmosphere and graphics, being a game of Zombies. The idea is to get ahead, dodging the zombie attacks and trying to survive as long as possible. The first-person view and the “fog” effect that contracted the title make it a must to try.
  4. Jetpack Joyraid
    Fly with a jetpack in this beautiful 2D endless runner. Collect items, new bonuses and records. It is also possible to use vehicles and personalization of the character. A combination of acceleration and reactivity, making it a perfect game.
  5. Rabbids Crazy Rush
    Running, jumping and gliding are some of the gameplay features of this fun game. Records and rankings for Rabbids Crazy Rush with the famous Ubisoft rabbits.
  6. Rogue Runner
    Still an endless adrenaline and frenetic runner. Offers the ability to dodge and hit enemies and a large variety of skins for the main vehicle.
  7. Run Sackboy! Run! 
    The spin-off of the famous born on PlayStation. Equipped with colorful and captivating graphics, it runs with “Sackboy” rag doll trying to collect as many bonuses as possible and with a rather varied gameplay. Although it is not comparable to the Sony console version, it still makes its figure from the point of view of design and graphics.
  8. Super Dangerous Dungeons
    Genre platformers with the 16-bit style of the past. With Super Dangerous Dungeons we will solve classic situations by guiding our hero through the 50 levels available. Bosses and secret levels will not be lacking.
  9. Temple Run 2
    This very famous game is part of the endless runner genre. The character, reminiscent of Indiana Jones, runs relentlessly through a series of obstacles, ravines, walls, etc. It is possible to move it with a swipe in the right direction. Play “one last game and then enough” to always try to improve their records.

Arcade and Adventure Games for iPhone

  1. Circuroid
    Another title that is heavily inspired by a famous game and a milestone in video games: Asteroids. It is about making its way among the asteroids with a spaceship, firing to destroy them.This much more modern version has different game modes, rankings and virtually infinite.
  2. Chief Puzzle Officer
    An RPG disguised as a Puzzle game. Bring battle skills and build your team with other players. It also contains manga style collectables and the matches are 3 vs 3.
  3. Crossy Road
    Among those who know the historian Frogger, surely you will find not a few similarities between Crossy Road and the game of the frog. Cross the streets without being overwhelmed or blocked by obstacles. Graphically very nice, with an isometric view, it provides a random level generator and every game will be different from another.
  4. Cube Runner
    Only to be played using the accelerometer. Drive through a path made of cubes with a spaceship. The game has a graphic not too complex but you can create layers and download them, which guarantees longevity.
  5. Frisbee Forever
    Lancia and control a frisbee in different 3D locations. Lots of frisbee and levels to try. Recommended for attractive graphics.
  6. Gridrunner Free
    Style beyond the retro, with VIC-20 graphics. Recommended for the nostalgic, is a vertical shoot in which a spaceship is used and is also equipped with a mode with only one life. Modern gameplay for a game of the 80s.
  7. Pokemon Go
    The game that needs few presentations; become a worldwide phenomenon, the game of Pokemon on iPhone will physically take you around the city in search of rare Pokemon, legendary through GPS. Definitely a brilliant idea that exploits the possibilities of Augmented Reality offered by modern smartphones.
  8. Pac-Man 256
    The famous labyrinthine game brought to iPhone. The view is isometric but the style is the same as the great classic. With virtually no end, can give us several hours of fun.
  9. Puff. 
    Game with the 8-bit style. It has a very simple gameplay type and all focused on retro gaming and powerup. Dodge, shoot and move until you get as far as possible are the characteristics of the gameplay of this game.
  10. Ruzzle Adventure
    Adventure in style Ruzzle! Travel through worlds and solve word-based puzzles. The gameplay is the same as Ruzzle but with the ability to move forward in the game and face various challenges and levels. Recommended!
  11. Super Planet Defender
    On the false line of Asteroids, we save the planets that are about to be bombarded by comets. Clean graphics and simple gameplay suitable for iPhone. Daily and always rankings.
  12. Timberman
    Game with very simple mechanics and with a retro style. Use a lumberjack to make new records trying to avoid obstacles. Very easy to play and at the same time difficult to master.
  13. Zen Pinball
    Lots of tables available in this 3D pinball machine. Realism and graphics make it a must for all pinball fans or for those who want to play a game once in a while. Equipped with rankings, goals and many other unlockable pinball tables (also for a fee).

We have not even forgotten about Android users 😀 Read  Best Android Apps Free and of course also Best Android Games Free.

If you haven’t found your favorite game in the above list then you can suggest us about it in our comment box.

How to delete Instagram account step by step

After weeks when you’ve hardly ever opened the app, did you realize that you can easily do everything without Instagram but do not know how to deactivate your account?

Would you like to temporarily disable your Instagram profile to be able to reorganize and take care of it more closely in the coming months?

You’ve come to the right place at the right time.

With today’s guide, we will see together how to delete ourselves from Instagram and how to deactivate accounts on a temporary basis: two very simple operations that require very little time to be completed.

The only problem – if we want to define it – is that you have to connect to the service’s website and you can not act directly from the smartphone app, but this is really a very minor detail.

Once connected to the Internet site of Instagram (from smartphone, PC or tablet) just a few clicks to exit the social network temporarily or permanently delete photos, like and all the information related to your account.

Are you ready to start? Find all the information you need right below.

Preliminary operations: backup

If you have decided to close your Instagram profile permanently, before proceeding with the action make a complete backup of all the photos you have uploaded on the social network.

To do this I suggest you to rely on 4K Stogram, a free software for Windows and Mac OS X that in one go download all the photos (and videos) on an Instagram profile, for a maximum of two profiles at the same time.

By purchasing the Pro version of the software (€ 9.95) you can download photos of multiple users at the same time, but for now, this feature does not help you.

To download 4K Stogram to your PC, connect to the program’s website and click the Download 4K Stogram button. Then start the installation package called  4kstogram_xx.exe and click on Yes first and then OK.

Now put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and press first on Next three consecutive times and then on Install and Finish to finish the setup.

If you use a Mac, to install 4K Stogram you have to open the dmg package you downloaded from the Internet and you have to copy the program icon in the Applications folder of OS X. Everything here.

Now start 4K Stogram, type your username in the search bar at the top and click on the Subscribe button to start downloading all your photos and videos (which are automatically saved in the Pictures/Stogram folder on your computer).

If you are asked to support the app by sharing a post on Facebook, you refuse, it is not necessary. More info on the operation of 4K Stogram and other similar tools are available in my tutorial on how to download photos from Instagram.

How to unsubscribe from Instagram permanently

Now let’s move on to action, let’s see how can we delete ourselves from Instagram in a definitive way. To delete your account from Instagram permanently, linked to this page from your computer or smartphone and, if required, access the service by typing your username and password.

When logged in, indicate why you want to unsubscribe from Instagram using the drop-down menu.

Why are you deleting your account?  Among the options available there are concerns ab[appbox firefoxmarketplace ][appbox firefoxmarketplace ][appbox firefoxmarketplace ]out privacy, the creation of another account, difficulty in finding followers and other reasons: you choose the one that you consider most compatible with your situation.

Then enter the password of your Instagram account in the text field that appears at the bottom of the page and press the button Delete my account permanently to delete you permanently from Instagram.

It is important to note that once an account has been deleted on Instagram, it is impossible to reactivate it. All photos, likes and data saved on the service are deleted and it is even impossible to register again on the social network using the same username. In short, think well before taking this step!

Without this clarification, I remind you that after the cancellation of the account you can safely delete the Instagram app from your phone: on the iPhone just hold your finger on its icon for a few seconds and press the x that appears in the upper left, on Android instead you have to go to Settings> App and first press the Instagram icon and then the Uninstall button.

How to deactivate an Instagram account

To deactivate your Instagram account temporarily, connected to the service’s website  ( from your computer, smartphone or tablet and log in by clicking on the Login button as [your name]. If you do not see the button to log in, click on the item Do you have an account? Login that is at the bottom and connected to your account by filling out the form that is proposed to you.

In the page that opens, click on the icon of the man placed at the top right and press the button Edit the profile on the page of your personal profile.

Now select the item Temporarily disable my account at the bottom of the screen, choose the reason why you are deactivating your profile (eg I need a break ) from the drop-down menu Why are you deactivating your account? and complete the operation by typing the Instagram password in the appropriate text field and pressing the button Temporarily disable the account.

Subsequently, to reactivate your account, all you need to do is log in to Instagram using your account and confirm your willingness to reopen your profile.

If you do not want to completely deactivate your account but only make it private (ie allow it to be viewed by old followers and the people you provide the link to), open the Instagram app on your smartphone and press first the icon of the little man placed in bottom right and then on the button (…) in the upper right corner. Then move the lever on the Private Account option to ON and you’re done.

Note: Deactivation of the Instagram account can be done at most once a week. Do not abuse this feature.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram | 5 Best Apps

Have you just watched a video on Instagram which you don’t want to lose at any cost?

Are you unable to download it directly via Instagram?

If this is what you need, you will surely be happy to know that it is possible. In the Android PlayStore and there are several applications that can help you fulfill your purpose, all through a few simple taps on the screen of your device.

On the iOS App Store, however, please note that, at the moment, it is very difficult to find free and long-running applications that can do this.

Are you interested in the question and would you like to know more? Would you like advice on which applications to download in order to succeed in your intent to download one or more videos from the popular social photo network?

No problem, I can help you in the blink of an eye. All you have to do is take a few minutes of free time to read this guide. I recommend to you Keep your Android or iOS smartphone in hand, install and try to use the applications; you will see that downloading the videos of your interest will really be a walk.

Ready to start?

Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read.

App to download videos from Instagram on Android


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.popularapp.videodownloaderforinstagram ]

Most of the applications to download videos from Instagram that I will talk about, are accumulated by their ease of use; a strength that will allow you to download the desired movie in a few taps on the display of your smartphone.

Among the first applications in this category, I want to talk to you about InstaDownloader, application available for free in the Android PlayStore. The use of this application is very intuitive and in the app there is also integrated a summary visual guide that explains how to use it.

In any case, follow my instructions step by step to understand how to download videos from Instagram.

The first thing to do is to find the video to download in the Instagram application. Then open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone and once you have found the video you are interested in, you will need to know its URL to download it.

For this purpose, tap on the icon with the three dots symbol in the upper right corner and then on the copy URL to share.

In this way you will have copied the URL of the video in question to the clipboard of your device; you will then have to go back to the InstaDownloader application to copy the link in question into the text field on the main application screen.

In the text field you see on the screen, at the item, Download, paste the link, in case this has not already been added automatically.

At this point, the video will be automatically downloaded from the InstaDownloader application and you can view it listed below and in the History section.

If you wish to save it in the memory of your device, tap the symbol of sharing present at the preview of the downloaded video. You will find the voice Share that will allow you to share the video on other social networks, Post Again that will allow you to share the video on Instagram, Download Image, through which you can download the cover image of the video in question and Download Video. This last item will allow you to save the video in the default multimedia gallery of your smartphone or Android tablet.

InstaDownload is therefore a free application and very easy to use to download videos from Instagram.

Insta Download

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.znstudio.instadownload ]

Application for Android is even easier to use to download videos from Instagram, thanks to its minimal user interface is Insta Download. Also of immediate use, it is configured of only two screens. The first is called Guide and serves the purpose of remembering its use to users of the application, with an explanation in English.

The second screen is Download which is useful for carrying out the purpose of this tutorial. If you want to download videos from Instagram using this application, the first thing to do is to find the video to download in the visual social network application.

Did you find the video you’d like to download?

If the answer is yes, then tap on the icon with the symbol of the three dots you can see in the upper right corner. Then tap on Copy URL to share. By doing this, you will have obtained the link of the video in question and you can use it to download it.

Then go back to the Insta Download application and paste the URL into the text field you find on the screen by tapping Paste.

By doing this, the video will be automatically downloaded and you will be able to view it using the attached box. Once the video is downloaded, you can use the Save Image, Save Video or Repost Image items to save the cover image and the video in the memory of your device, respectively. Using the Repost Image button, however, you can share the video on Instagram again.

To take advantage of the application without banner ads, you can purchase the Premium version, which costs € 2.19.

Fast Save

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

Fast Save is an application to download videos from Instagram that focuses on speed of use, with the aim of allowing you to download videos from Instagram in just a few seconds.

Then start the application, once you have downloaded it from the Android PlayStore and first activate the fast download service. To do this, simply move the lever from OFF to ON in correspondence with the Open Instagram option.

At this point, tap the Open Instagram button: the photo social network application will start and you can search for the video you want to download.

Did you find it? Good! Tap on the icon with the three dots symbol on the top right and then tap on Copy URL to share. The application will show the progress of the download in the drop-down menu of Android and if you tap on the notification you will be sent back to the application and you will be able to see the downloaded video by tapping on the Video section.

The Fast Save application is free and supports through advertising banners, some of which are however quite invasive.

Pic Repost (Downloader For Instagram)

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.niceapp.instasave ]

Another application for Android that serves the purpose of downloading videos from Instagram is Pic Repost. I chose to talk to you about this application as it presents a very simple and immediate user interface, allowing you to download videos from Instagram by copying and pasting the link of the video in it.

The strength of the application is also the possibility to perform fast and automatic downloads.

To use it, all you have to do is go to the official Instagram application and locate the video to download. As usual, you will need to tap on the three dots symbol and then on the Copy URL to share entry

In this way, you will have obtained the link of the video in clipboard and you can download it. As soon as you have copied the link in clipboard, it will open a small pop-up and, you will have to press on the item Go to Paste. 

You will then switch to the Pic Repost application and you will need to tap the Paste & Download button to download the video in searchbox.

Activating instead the option auto download instead you will ensure that all future videos will be automatically downloaded via the app, every time you copy their URL. You can watch the downloaded video by tapping on the Check the downloaded video.

Even the Pic Repost application has several advertising banners but is able to fulfill its purpose in a completely free.

App to download videos from Instagram on iOS


[appbox appstore screenshots 779715397]

If you are using a device with an iOS operating system, such as an iPad or an iPhone, the application I suggest you to install to download a video from Instagram is InstDown. I chose to talk to you about this application because its operation is really intuitive and noteworthy.

In order to use InDown, you will need to go to the Instagram application and locate the video you want to download. Once found, tap on it to view it and then tap on the icon with the symbol of the three dots you can find at the top right. Then tap on Copy link to copy the link of the video in question to the clipboard.

Now open the Indown application and copy the link in the text box visible on the screen, next to the item put your link. Then press the down arrow button and wait for the video to be downloaded to your device’s memory. If requested, accept the application access to the iOS Photos app; in this way you can save the video in the default gallery of your device.

Indowner is a free application with a minimal interface that does not have advertising banners and does not offer secondary functionalities other than the one mentioned.

Do you know any other app which suits our list? Then feel free to share it with our users via comments.

Best places to find jobs online in 2018

Finding work is very difficult in our day, with full employment offices and employers who require a lot of experience and qualifications to be able to aspire to the most desired places.

In a scenario where unemployment does not tend to fall (on the contrary), we can also find work using the Internet, where every day many companies and shops place ads to find professionals for practice in any sector.

Without detracting from the search for classic work (in which the person is presented directly in a shop or in a company looking for a job), we can help in the search for a new job by some specialized sites and looking directly at the ad sites.

In this guide, we will see together the best sites to send the curriculum to find work, the most used by companies to hire new employees.

What you need to look for a job online?

Before you start looking for a job online, make sure you have the following information or documents at your fingertips:

– Curriculum Vitae (CV): the curriculum is very important because it will show the recruiter your skills, your past jobs and the experience accumulated in a specific sector.

If you are a beginner with the job, turn to internship announcements, so you can easily accumulate experience; if instead, you have a few years on your shoulders, insert in the curriculum as much information as possible on the places you have visited for work.

In the CV let’s make sure that there is a recent photo in our photo card format (usually at the top right of the first page of the CV).

– Cover letter (Cover letter): many companies start to ask for a letter of introduction to candidates; this document must be very precise because in fact it is our visiting card in the eyes of the selector.

We enter all the data as if we were writing a formal letter and make a summary of the capabilities we hold and what we expect from the work we intend to undertake; choosing the right words could open the way for you to work much faster than a full-bodied curriculum.

The letter of presentation must be different for each ad: customize it according to the type of company you contact, keeping only the introductory part the same on all letters.

Even if the company did not ask you for the cover letter explicitly, keep this format to write in the text field provided by the site or in the email you send to apply.- Contacts: in order to be recalled by the selector, we always insert a mobile phone number both in the CV and in the letter of presentation, so as to be easily reachable to fix a presentation interview.

Let’s not just rely on e-mails or other digital communication systems: one of the first tests that recruiters do is to feel how we act on the phone and how we answer the usual questions, so it’s essential that they can immediately hear you talking on the phone (in particular if you have chosen a job of contact with colleagues or with other people).

– Certificates: in order to demonstrate your specialized skills, we should make a copy of the certificates and specializations acquired in the field (possibly still valid) and insert these copies as attachments to the CV.
In some trades, being skilled is a godsend and could immediately open the door to new work.

– Diversification: if we are going to respond to more ads in completely different sectors, let’s make sure to prepare a CV and a cover letter for each sector in which we want to find work.
For example, if we want to jump into logistics and at the same time respond to ads for some stores, let’s make sure we have a folder for each sector in which we want to look for work, with a CV and an adequate letter of presentation inside each one.

Using a single CV to respond to the largest number of ads without any criteria is the easiest way to not find a job.

– Update: we continuously update the CV with all the new work experience, so as to have it ready in case of need.
By doing so we will be sure to provide the best possible curriculum in the ads.

These are the information and documents to prepare before looking for any online job.
As you can see, it’s not much different from looking for work physically turning offices and companies!

The secret to finding a job is in perseverance : do not give up on the first difficulties, the first silences or the first waste, keep looking for new announcements, contact also the companies that have refused (after 1 month at least) and improve the letter of presentation and the CV, the details and the care with which you will keep these documents will make the difference sooner or later.

The best sites and apps to find work 

After seeing what documents and information prepared to find work online, in this part of the guide we will show you the best sites and apps to look for a new job.

Note: All these websites have different apps for different countries so you can download these apps from PlayStore or iTunes according to your country.

1) Monster

The historically most popular site in the world to find work is definitely Monster.

On this site, just enter the type of work sought and the area in which we are interested in finding employment and get many good results.

The ads are all fairly recent and will put you in touch with a large number of companies, even the largest.

We can visit the site from here -> Monster


Another leading site in the indexing of job advertisements (specialized or not) is Infojobs.

We can either take a look at the existing ads (using the search bar or one of the contextualised menus) or create a user profile in order to get targeted ads only.

But unfortunately, this awesome site is available in just Spain, Italy and Brazil.

We can visit the site from here -> Infojobs

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed to offer a communication tool between the companies they hire and the workers.

By creating your profile on LinkedIn and attaching all the documents that certify work skills (from the CV to the masters obtained) we will allow companies to look for our profile, especially if it matches their needs, and then find the most suitable job for our qualifications.

LinkedIn is a new way to look for work, but if well exploited it will allow to find the job quickly and to leave the interested party with a margin of choice (answering only to interesting requests).

We can visit LinkedIn from here -> LinkedIn

4) Jobrapido

If the sites presented so far have not convinced you, we can focus on the search engine of the ads, namely Jobrapido.

On this site, simply enter the type of job you are looking for and the area where we are willing to work to receive hundreds of relevant ads.

If we do not immediately find what we are looking for, we can always activate email notifications, so as to be among the first to respond to new announcements as soon as they are entered.
The site can be reached here -> Jobrapido

5) Manpower

If we look for a site where to find any type of job advertisement, even for abroad, we can turn to the service offered by Manpower, always leader in the field of research of new uses.

The contact between workers and those looking for new workers is facilitated by the integrated system of communication on the site, the system of management of profiles (with targeted ads) and the many tools offered by the site.

We can visit the site from here -> Manpower

6) Adecco


Adecco is one of the best companies specialized in providing job advertisements to large companies (including multinational companies).

We create a profile of our worker on the site and let us advise the best ads based on the CV provided and the choices made during registration; so we can see only relevant ads and, with a little luck, be contacted by companies interested in your profile.

The site can be reached from here -> Adecco

Fix no GRUB menu on dual boot windows 10

Have you just re-installed Windows on a computer which also has Linux and when you turn on your PC but you are no longer allowed to choose which operating system you want to use?

Don’t worry, this is a fairly common problem and for this, you just have to restore GRUB and your problem will get solved with just a blink of eye.

Don’t you know what I’m talking about? I’ll explain it to you right away.

GRUB (acronym GRand Unified Bootloader) is the bootloader which is used by many Linux distributions, such as the famous Ubuntu, to manage the operating systems installed on the computer.

In other words, it is the software that looks at the operating systems are installed on the PC and allows you to choose which one to start after switching on the machine.

Restoring it is much simpler than it seems. To do that, you don’t need to format your computer’s hard drive or reinstall one of the operating systems already on your PC.

Follow the instructions below to restore the GRUB initial menu:

First step

If you want to restore GRUB because you installed Windows after Linux and now you no longer have the option to choose which operating system to start when the PC is switched on, follow the instructions below.

For this, you need to get a live version of Ubuntu or Boot Repair Disk, a “first aid” distros that contains the necessary tool to repair the Linux boot loader. Now download one of the two solutions I have just suggested to you, for Ubuntu.

If you are downloading Ubuntu then select the version from 32-bit or 64-bit operating system from the drop down menu and then press the button start the download.

If you want to download Boot Repair Disk just click on the boot-repair-disk-32bit.iso entry or the boot-repair-disk-64bit.iso entry(depending on whether you want to download the 32- or 64-bit version of the distro).

Once the download is complete, copy the ISO file to a disk or USB stick.

Now burn the ISO image of Ubuntu or Boot Repair Disk on a DVD use the software that I have recommended in my guide on how to burn ISO (eg ImgBurn ). You can also copy it on a USB stick using the free UNetbootin to install ubuntu from your USB.

Once you have your bootable CD or USB stick with Ubuntu or Boot Repair Disk, boot from the latter and follow the steps that are shown in the following sections of the guide.

Note: I recommend the second option between CD and USB stick, but it is not mandatory. Please note that if you use a computer based on the UEFI system (and not the old BIOS) you must use the 64-bit version of Ubuntu/Boot Repair Disk.


If you are using a live version of Ubuntu, start the operating system from the first screen and then Try Ubuntu option without installing it from the next.

Then, enable an Internet connection by connecting your computer to the router via an Ethernet cable or by choosing one of the Wi-Fi networks available in the menu at the top right (the icon of the Wi-Fi clutches).

Once you have established your Internet connection, open the Terminal and type the following by pressing the Enter key successively and typing the password for your user account.

  • To add the Boot Repair program repository to the Ubuntu software sources (press Enter to confirm the operation)
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
  • To update the Ubuntu software source database
    sudo apt-get update
  • To install and start the Boot Repair utility.
    sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

In the window that opens, click the Recommended repair button, wait a few moments to restore GRUB and click OK to save the changes. Then restart the PC and GRUB should be back in its place.

Boot Repair Disk

If you are using Boot Repair Disk, select your language from the initial language selection menu, start the distro (select the 64bit version or 32bit version option from the next screen, depending on the version you are using) and wait for it to start automatically the Boot Repair utility.

Then click on the Recommended repair button, wait a few moments to restore the GRUB bootloader and press OK to save the changes. At this point, restart your computer and you should again be able to choose which operating system to boot between Linux and Windows.

In case of problems

Main solutions

Have you installed Ubuntu (or another Linux distro) but GRUB does not appear? Does it start Windows directly instead?

In this case, if you believe you have a computer based on the UEFI system, restoring the bootloader may not be useful.

What you need to do is access the UEFI firmware settings by pressing F2 or any other key indicated in the computer startup screen, look for the UEFI Boot Option Priority settings, Boot Option Menu or Boot priority order and select GRUB (or Ubuntu ) as the boot loader to be used when the PC is switched on.

Another possible solution to the failure of GRUB is to access the Windows Command Prompt, type the command

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

and press the Enter key on the PC keyboard.

This will force the Windows boot manager to “see” the GRUB information in the EFI hard disk partitions (the one containing the data useful at the start of the various operating systems).

If you can not access the UEFI firmware configuration panel by pressing F2 or another key when the computer is turned on, try to act directly from Windows 8/8.x and later. Let’s see how.

  • If you are using Windows 8/8.x, click the Start button, type the term settings in the search field that is shown to you and select the PC Settings icon from the search results. Then click on the items Update and Recovery and Recovery in the left sidebar, press the button Restart now that is under the heading Advanced startup and wait for the screen to appear with the Windows startup options.
  • If you are using Windows 10, click on the Start button, click on the Settings icon (the gear wheel on the left) and then press the Update and Security icon. At this point, click on the Restore item on the left, locate the words Advanced Restart and then press the Restart now button and wait for the sender to appear with the system startup options.

Now select the TroubleshootingAdvanced OptionsUEFI Firmware Settings and Startup settings and you should be able to access the UEFI firmware settings.

You can also deactivate fast boot function of Windows 8/8.x and later to access the GRUB menu. To do so, access the Windows Control Panel (the classic one), search for the term power in the search bar at the top right and click on the Change button behavior of the power buttons.

Now, click on the Change settings currently unavailable, uncheck the item Activate Quick Start and press Save Changes to save the settings.

Many UEFI-based computers have the so-called BIOS Legacy Mode which is a special boot mode that lets you emulate old BIOS and use compatible operating systems only with the latter (like older versions of Windows and Ubuntu).

In some cases, it may happen that you have installed Linux in BIOS mode instead of UEFI and this causes the inability to start Windows. In fact, it is not possible to dual-boot two operating systems if they are installed in different modes (one in UEFI mode and one in BIOS Legacy mode).

To solve the problem and restore the dual-boot you have to convert the installation of Linux to the same mode in which Windows is installed: You can do it with the Boot Repair utility of which we talked about at the beginning of the guide.

  • To convert Linux to UEFI mode you need to start Boot Repair and activate the panel with the Advanced options, then select the GRUB Position tab, put the check on separate Partition/boot/efi and click Apply.
  • To convert Linux to BIOS Legacy mode, start Boot Repair and activate the panel with Advanced Options, then select the GRUB Position tab, uncheck the separate Partition/boot/efi item and click Apply.

Finally, enter into the UEFI firmware configuration panel and choose whether to start the computer in UEFI or Legacy mode.

Other possible solutons

Keep in mind, however, that the ones I just suggested are just some of the possible ways to restore GRUB, those useful to solve the problem in most cases. However, there are specific situations where it may be necessary to follow some other procedure or integrate other steps to those we have just seen together.

To resolve any doubt on the question, I strongly encourage you to ask for help on the official forum of the Linux distro you use (eg the Ubuntu forum ): there you will surely find someone able to help you.

Also try to take a look at the official Ubuntu wiki where other procedures are described to solve boot problems in dual-boot systems.