Call of Duty Mobile Minimum Requirements For Android and iPhone

Can I install Call of Duty Mobile on my Android and iPhone smartphone? Here are the minimum requirements of Call of Duty Mobile for Android and iOS

Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android and iOS, download it NOW!

Requirements Call of Duty Mobile Android and iPhone

As we saw in our previous article, Call of Duty Mobile is finally available on Android and iOS smartphones.

In another article we saw all the maps available in the game, or at least those that were available at launch, as many others will arrive in the future.

Finally, we have dedicated another article to the tricks, codes, and cheats of Call of Duty Mobile.

Since we have already talked in depth about the game in the other article, we will not waste any more time explaining how it works and what this spectacular game offers that finally arrives also on smartphones and tablets (with support for external bluetooth controllers among other things).

We will then go straight to the point and try to understand what are the minimum requirements to download, install and use Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iPhone smartphones.

As you know, we are dealing with a fairly heavy game with stunning high definition graphics, which is why the title is not able to work properly on all smartphones.

Fortunately, however, the developers have done a great job of optimization and have developed a game that can adapt the graphics based on the smartphone on which it is installed. This means that, to play Call of Duty Mobile on Android and iPhone, you will not need a top-of-the-range 1000 dollars: the title can work even on mid-range phones without major problems and without losing too much detail from the point of view of graphics.

But what are these minimum requirements?

Here they are:


It only takes 2 GB RAM and at least Android 5.1


Just any iPhone that mounts at least iOS 9 or later

As I told you before, you don’t need a top of the range to make this game work properly and, thanks to the low minimum requirements, the title was downloaded by 20 million people within a few days of launch.


If you have not already done so, run now to download Call of Duty Mobile for free on your device, just click on the respective links below for iOS and Android:



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