How to download the Instagram stories of other users

One of the most popular features of Instagram are stories that are photos uploaded quickly to the social profile and are removed automatically after 24 hours.

If you want to keep the Instagram stories for more than 24 hours or if you want to save story from the profiles of your friends, you need external programs.

Check out this complete guide about all the tricks and apps you can use to download Instagram stories from any profile.

Download stories using the screenshot feature

One of the simplest methods you can use to save Instagram stories is to use the screenshot feature on your smartphone, so you do not need to use any application dedicated to the purpose.

To make a screenshot, simply press a precise sequence of keys, which changes from model to model.

On the iPhone you can take screenshots by holding down the Home key and the Power button for a few seconds (up to the iPhone 8), or simultaneously press the unlock button and the button to increase the volume (iPhone X).

On Android smartphones you can take screenshots by holding down the power button and volume down simultaneously for a few seconds; on some Samsung phones you can take screenshots by holding down the Home key and the Power key simultaneously for a few seconds.

As an alternative to pressing the buttons many smartphone models offer the convenient button for the screenshots in the Toogle bar, easily recalled by swiping the top bar down.

Now that you know how to make screenshots, open the Instagram app, take the story you want to save locally and make the screenshot to save that moment on your smartphone.

Download stories using the app on your smartphone

In addition to the screenshots, you can use convenient apps to download Instagram stories. The best ones are present below.

Ins Story Repost for Instagram (iOS: iPhone, iPad)

This app was created to provide a valuable tool to repost the stories published by others on their profile but also offers the ability to download the stories on Instagram in the internal memory of any iPhone.

Currently there are no other apps for iPhone compatible to download of the stories, as soon as they will be available we will insert in this guide.

DOWNLOAD | Ins Story Repost for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram (Android)

By accessing Instagram through this app you can see all the stories of their followers and download the most interesting in the internal memory of the device, at the highest quality. You can download this app for free.

DOWNLOAD |  Story Saver for Instagram

Other apps that you can use for the purpose are in the list below, so you can try other apps to download the Instagram stories on Android.

Download stories using the computer

Do you want to save Instagram stories using your computer?

In this case you will have to rely on some extension to retrieve the stories correctly while viewing them on the instagram site.

One of the best apps for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is Video DownloadHelper, available for download from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |  Video DownloadHelper (Chrome)

DOWNLOAD |  Video DownloadHelper (Firefox)

This free extension is placed in the address bar and can be clicked at any time to download videos and images from any site.

In the specific case of Instagram will be enough to visit the site of the well-known social network, open the story you are interested in (and you want to download on the hard disk) and then click on the icon of the Video DownloadHelper to start downloading images.