How to check if your site is hit by a Malware

Web services that help you check if your site has been hit by a Malware. If you have a website or want to verify that a site is infected with any malware then you’re in the right place. Keep reading

Website with viruses? Find it here

Browsing the web there is always the risk of running into a malicious website or that has been hit by a virus or generic malware that endangers the data of those who visit the website with or without the consent of those who created the website.

Obviously, if you own a website and you want to verify that your site is clean and not affected by a malware there are several methods to verify it but the fastest is to rely on one of the many web services that take care of scanning a website and discover if there are any malware.

Especially if you use WordPress, you must know that most of the hacked sites were created with the famous CMS, and today we help you scan the website with one of these 10 tools and find out if there are any malware on your website.

Web services to check if a website is infected with malware

They are all 10 excellent but WPScans is among those with a higher detection of malware, Sucuri SiteCheck has a very updated blacklist, Scan WP assigns a rating to your website, the Google tool and Virus Total check if there are any viruses accessing a huge database and Quttera also has a paid service with additional features.

Do you know others? Write it in the comments and we will add them to our list.

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