Get Free Coins for Pokemon Go

At some point in Pokémon Go it will be necessary to use Pokémoedas to buy the upgrade of the backpack or the stock of Pokémon, in case you do not want to discard the items or monsters you have captured. But it is not necessary to spend real money to have the Pokécoins, learn how to earn the coins in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go

How to earn coins on Pokémon Go

Selling coins is the main source of revenue in Pokémon Go, but there is no need to buy them if you are patient. When your Pokémon defends a Gym, that exercise can be rewarded up to 50 coins a day.

Gyms are released to players higher than level 5. When a Pokémon is placed in the Gym, it starts to earn 1 coin every 10 minutes. These coins are received as soon as the Pokémon is defeated in the Gym, when it comes back to you.

Some observations:

  • As stated, there are a maximum of 50 coins that each player can win per day;
  • Even if several Pokémon are defending Gyms and return to the player on the same day; only 50 coins will be won;
  • Even if the Pokémon spends several days defending the Gym, the reward is still only 50 coins.

That said, think about optimizing the time of the Gyms that your Pokémon defend: if you have already put one of them to defend today, wait for it to return or wait for the end of the day to look for new Gyms for them to stay.

Not putting all your Pokémon at once in Gyms will help save items when they return and will also give you more chances to distribute your defenses between other days or different locations.

If you are in a more disputed region, where the three teams (Mystic, Instinct and Valor) take over the Gym more often, it is worth considering placing another Pokémon in another Gym, as there will not be enough time for your monster to collect the 50 coins.

What coins should I use with?

Anything that is available in the Store, from items like Poké Balls, Attract Modules, Incense, Lucky Eggs to aesthetic items – clothing and accessories for the avatar.

If none of the items sold are needed at the moment (in case you have run out of Poké Balls, for example), prioritize backpack upgrades and Pokémon stock to increase storage capacity.

Each upgrade, both backpack and Pokémon, costs 200 coins – the equivalent of four days of defense for a Pokémon in the Gym, considering that it had the maximum performance and returns every day for you – and increases the capacity by 50. These upgrades will allow you to be less concerned with collecting items and Pokémon for a long time.

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