How to download Latest version of Lucky Patcher APK (v 8.6.1)

Lucky Patcher download: here’s where to always download the latest updated version of the famous Android program. Lucky Patcher APK for free download

How to download Latest version of Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK


  • Update version 8.6.1 APK

~ Translations updated
~ Bugs fixed

In this article we will see where to download for free the latest updated version of Lucky Patcher in APK format for Android.

If you are looking for the Lucky Patcher APK program for Android and you don’t know where to find it, where to download it, or all the sites where you found the file seem unreliable, now you’ve come to the right place.

Below I show you the download link to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher for Android perfectly tested, safe and working.

No viruses, no malware, nothing at all. Only the official app of Lucky Patcher for Android in APK format to download and install directly on your smartphone or tablet.

How to download Lucky Patcher

Without wasting time, here is the link to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher for Android: 


The link will be updated periodically to always offer you the latest updated and working version.

As you can see, for obvious reasons the app is NOT found on the Google Play Store, but must be downloaded and installed manually following our instructions.

How to install Lucky Patcher?

But of course. Being a normal APK file, you can install Lucky Patcher on Android by following our clear and fast directions:

Lucky Patcher what is it?

To conclude, two words about this interesting program for Android.

This app allows you to manipulate and change the settings of applications that you normally can’t touch on Android smartphones and tablets.

Once you have downloaded and installed the APK (following our instructions above), you will see that it is an excellent program for Android.

Once started, the application will list all the apps on your smartphone or tablet. For each app you can:

  • Delete the license verification
  • Remove integrated advertising
  • Change the permissions associated with the apps
  • Extract the APK file of any paid application to make a backup copy
  • Unlock paid apps to be able to switch to another device
  • Create backups or backups of the application

In short, with Lucky Patcher you have total control of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Just a shame that to use 100% Lucky Patcher it is necessary to get root rights on the device, which is a bit complex and certainly not within the reach of less experienced users. 

It is clear however that  Lucky Patcher is the definitive program to activate and crack any application, game or program on Android,  even if it can do much more.

While we’re at it, anyway, let’s point out this interesting article where you can understand how to download apps, games and programs for Android for free, even those that normally have to pay:


With this article on Lucky Patcher we have concluded.

If you have any doubts or questions, write us in the comments at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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