Use Privacy Tools! Manage Your Internet Security!

Best Privacy Tools to Manage Your Internet Security

If you are an active user of the Internet, then for sure, everyday you use popular messengers for convenient communication with friends and relatives, browsers for quick search of the necessary information, plugins that simplify the work on the Internet and add special permissions that are not always present in the standard Internet assistants.

However, have you thought about the safety of their use? After all, we all know that the issue of Internet security has recently become more relevant than ever!

So we decided to prepare for you the top of privacy tools for your online security. In the review, there will be both messengers and browsers, extensions and plugins.

The Telegram Messenger


Perhaps the most popular crypto messenger on the Internet. After only two years, Telegram, which has Russian roots, but is more focused on English-speaking users, has turned from a little-known application into a monster of crypto-communication with an impeccable reputation.

Now messenger is a convenient cross-platform tool with its encryption system, besides undemanding to the quality of the Internet connection.

The main feature of Telegram is the ability to communicate through a secret chat, encrypted data in which remain only on the smartphones of the interlocutors, without settling on the application servers.

Search Engine DuckDuckGo

Duck Duck Go

The open source search engine uses almost no cookies, does not store IP addresses of users and does not collect information. DuckDuckGo will not (like all other search engines) prompt the user popular queries and adjust the Internet for him. The search engine only provides reliable and completely anonymous surfing: DuckDuckGo copes well with its main task, simultaneously encrypting user data.

By the way, the development is the most convenient means of search in dark web, other search engines often shy away from searching for domain zones and refuse to work.

DuckDuckGo has recently been working with Safari browser: the ability to select a crypto-finder is built into all Apple operating system.

File Sharing Mega

File Sharing Mega

The brainchild of disgraced Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom should solve the problem of reliable and secure storage of large amounts of information on the Internet. This service encrypts user data on the client side using the AES algorithm.

In addition, Mega promises anonymous and secure file sharing between the sender and the recipient of the data. The latter is done using the Friend-to-Friend key system. A pleasant surprise from Kim – the service gives 50 GB of space on the hosting when registering, which is enough to store important data.

Jitsi Messenger

Jitsi Messenger

Jitsi is a free and open source program, a live alternative to Skype. Jitsi performs the same communication functions as its venerable counterpart, but the communicator also encrypts data using the ZRTP Protocol.

Video chat is organized through a special server Jitsi Videobridge and supports an unlimited number of participants in the conversation.

Privacy tools: New approach to Internet security!

We hope that our alternatives will help you with Internet security issues. Choose the most suitable tools for you and enjoy the Internet pastime.

For maximum protection of your data on the world wide web, use only proven privacy tools that can reliably protect you from data leakage!

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