3 Working Tips, Tricks to Play with Honda in Street Fighter V

One of the most remembered and classic fighters in the Street Fighter saga, Honda only debuted in Season 4 of Street Fighter V, the latest game in the series. The sumo wrestler is very versatile, despite looking difficult. Here are working tips to play with honda:

Honda in Street Fighter V

The hints in this text reflect the Street Fighter V updates released through September 2020.

1. Who is Honda?

Honda, also called E. Honda, debuted in Street Fighter 2, since then, has been a frequent presence in the cast of games in the saga. He is a professional sumo wrestler and one of the Japanese wrestlers in the series.

In Street Fighter V it doesn’t exactly have a story beyond its regular campaign mode, so it was only introduced in the fourth season of the game.

His main blow is usually the Hyaku Retsu Harite, which reveals an attack with several quick strokes with his own hand, hitting the opponent in combos.

2. Who plays Honda?

Honda is an extremely easy character to learn, he is really geared towards beginners. Although it is not based on fighting with projectiles, as they are the friendliest fighters in the game, including quick and grappling strikes.

Honda in Street Fighter V 1

Anyone who wants to start playing Street Fighter V can start with Honda without any problem, but will have to train specific moves, as he is a fighter well dependent on his V-Skill.

The V-Skill Neko Damashi is activated with the buttons medium punch and medium kick at the same time, causing Honda to move forward and apply a strong palm against the opponent – which can even cancel projectiles.

3. Honda combos

Honda has easy, basic and unique combos. Combine your V-Skill with any other button to get a more or less satisfactory result.

Basic combos

  • Forward and kick hard
  • Down and kick hard
  • Down, jump and kick medium
  • Punch weak and then kick weak
  • Weak punch, medium punch, medium punch and medium kick
Honda in Street Fighter V 2

Also use your special move, Hundred Hand Slap, when you need to get out of the opponent’s corner. The Critical ArtKamigashima, is difficult to activation, but takes a lot of energy.

If you find these tricks and tips to play with honda helpful let us know in comments.

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