When you try to use IGTV you get the error “No videos found”, I will explain below how to solve the problem easily and quickly. 

IGTV No Video Found

As we have seen in recent weeks, Instagram has officially launched its new application dedicated to the publication and sharing of long videos to directly challenge YouTube, IGTV.

We talked about it here:

While on the official Instagram app we can only share videos that last a maximum of 59 seconds (in Stories only 15 seconds), through IGTV we can publish and upload videos that last up to 60 minutes, a bit like on YouTube, but without monetization.

That said, turning to the web I noticed that many people are experiencing an annoying problem with IGTV. 

From time to time, when you start IGTV and try to upload a new video, you get the error message “No videos found”. 

The problem is that the error also appears when the video you want to upload respects the perfect format, resolution and maximum duration imposed by IGTV.

In short, everything seems correct, but IGTV does not allow you to upload the video. Indeed, it does not show it among those that can be selected for loading on IGTV.

Did this problem happen to you? Did you get this error message and do not know how to fix it?

Do not worry, I’ll explain below how to fix the “No videos found” problem on IGTV. 

I can not upload videos to IGTV

First of all, check that your video you want to upload to IGTV respects the indications of the social network:

That said, without making you waste too much time with many useless attempts, if you see the message ” No Video Found” when you try to upload a video on IGTV, try to solve this way:

  • Open the Play Store
  • Download the InShot app
  • Open the video you want to upload to IGTV with InShot
  • Save the movie from InShot
  • Try again to open IGTV and upload the video

The problem should be solved, right?


For this guide, I would say that we have just concluded.

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