How to Play with Guile in Street Fighter V

Guile, originally, was not in Street Fighter V, only his partner, Nash. He arrived later, in the third season, with the Arcade Edition update, along with other classic fighters. Here are some tips for playing with Guile, the military warrior in the series.

Guile in Street Fighter V

The tips contained in this text relate to the version of Street Fighter V updated until July 2020.

1. Who plays Guile?

Guile is an extremely technical fighter and unfriendly to beginners. This is due to the difficulty of activating some of his special attacks, which are very different from those seen in characters like Ryu, Ken, Sakura or Akuma.

Still, many professional fighters like Guile for his counterattacks and the robustness of his attacks. He is strong and has enough life to withstand some opposing attacks without falling quickly.

This does not mean that a person new to Street Fighter V is prohibited from playing with Guile. On the contrary, he is a great fighter. But it is recommended to stay a long time in training and get used to your “tougher” style before moving on to multiplayer. Especially competitive.

2. Tips for playing with Guile

Guile is a character for those who like to play using “zoning”. This is the name of a specific tactic, for those who like to stay at a safe distance from the opponent, while maintaining that distance in the entire fight.

Zoning with Guile works very well, since he also has projectile attacks and an almost perfect counterattack, his “razor blade”, as the Somersault Kick scam is popularly known.

Guile also plays well in defense. Your lock works well at the top and bottom. But don’t delay your attack. Defending is a good strategy, but it will not always work and the game time may end.

3. Best combos with Guile

Starter combos

  • Down, weak punch, down, weak punch, get up with Somersault Kick
  • Lowered, medium punch, raises with Somersault Kick
  • Strong punch, lowered, medium punch, raise with Somersault Kick
  • Jump, strong punch, lowered, medium punch, raise with Somersault Kick

Counterattack Combos

  • Down, hard punch, hard kick, Somersault Kick
  • Forward, strong punch, run forward, strong punch, lowered, medium punch, lift like Somersault Kick

As you can see, Somersault Kick is used in Guile’s main combos. It is not by chance. It is a great counterattack tool.

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