How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone at once

How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

One of the most annoying things about the iPhone’s “Contacts” application is undoubtedly the inability to select multiple entries to delete them in one go. Fortunately, there are alternatives, with which of course you can easily remedy the aforementioned problem. Let’s see how to do it right away. Use a Mac Before starting to download applications from the App Store,

4 Tips to use Apple Reminders at it’s full potential

4 Tips to use Apple Reminders at it's full potential

You can use Apple Reminders in a very practical way, creating smart notes for various activities. The application contains a series of features that allow you to set priorities, set periodic alarms or trigger when leaving your home or car. Here’s how to use Apple Reminders below, with four simple tips. How to use Apple Reminders There are a number

7 Best Organization Apps to Simplify Your Student Life

Organization Apps to Simplify Your Student Lif

Every new generation has its own needs. Now is the time of growing technologies which make the life of many people much more comfortable. Today you will not get lost in unfamiliar places with online maps, and you may quickly find your favorite book in the online library within a minute. Mobile applications are ubiquitous

View sites and applications where I used Apple Login

random email generated for a registration

The Apple Login works like Login with Facebook or Google for sites and applications. It is a convenience for those who need to create the registration on the internet, in addition to centralizing the information in a single account. Here’s how to find the sites and apps that “Sign in with Apple” was used for. View Apple Login apps on iOS

Type on iPhone using the Windows PC keyboard

Type on iPhone using the Windows PC keyboard

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to use the physical keyboard of any Windows PC, to type text on an iPhone or iPad? In any case, know that the answer is: absolutely yes. All this thanks to a very simple free application on the App Store, capable of creating a direct Wi-Fi connection between the two devices

Automatically remove unused apps on iPhone

Automatically remove unused apps on iPhone

Despite the performance (especially photographic) of the iPhone and iPad Pro are reaching unimaginable levels, Apple continues to sell them with a basic cut of only 64G. This option obviously forces users to a sort of “sacrifice” of their data, thus trying to constantly remove the superfluous ones and maybe even duplicates. Today we will see how to

How Sign in with Apple works

Sign in with Apple

The “Sign in with Apple” works like the login with Facebook or Google account. It is the method known as Oauth, a way of centralizing entries in an account. One of Apple’s proposals is to make the system more secure and private, by generating a random email address for each registration. How Oauth works The platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) provide APIs

How to create sub folders on iPhone Notes

How to create subfolders on iPhone Notes

With iOS 13, productivity on iOS and therefore on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has undergone an incredible leap forward. In addition to the most awaited and advertised news, such as support for external storage memories or the download of files from Safari, it is interesting to focus and also note all the small added features,