3 Tricks to Play with Bastion in Overwatch

Bastion has been one of the original characters in the Overwatch cast since the game was released. He is a robot that has aggressive and healing skills. Classified as a damage character, Bastion has some interesting secrets. See tips for playing with the robotic hero.

Bastion in Overwatch

Before you start, know that these tips were written based on the most updated version of Overwatch in July 2020.

1. Explaining Bastion

Bastion is the character’s name, but his “model” of robot exists in droves in the world of Overwatch. However, this one in particular aroused a kind of “superior artificial intelligence”, with some feelings.

This is seen in the short film released by Blizzard, the game’s producer, which shows Bastion becoming attached to a bird, Ganymede, who is carried on his shoulder all the time.

But that does not mean that Bastion is not a killing machine. Within the games of the game he is focused on the attack and, in some cases, is even a little unbalanced, depending on the opposing team.

This is due to its enormous firepower, including an extremely powerful Ultimate, in addition to having the ability to heal itself.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Strong points

As already mentioned, Bastion is aggressive. He has many attacks and long range. In addition, your attacks have a long cadence – that is, the shots last long before having to reload.

The character has two configurations:

  • Reconnaissance, where you can shoot while walking and have medium range
  • Sentinel, where it is installed at a fixed location and has medium range, but with more shots

A third configuration, the Tank, is your Ultimate and can only be used when the bar is complete. Bastion literally without turning into a tank for a short time and gains enormous firepower.

Bastion in Overwatch 1


But Bastion has “only” 300 life. It is not little, but it is also not much. It can be eliminated with some ease, if you face a tank-type hero or if there is no cure to help you.

To try to control this, Bastion has a healing ability, Auto Repair. But while he is healing, he cannot attack, only flee, so he is helpless.

3. Play Bastion if …

Those who enjoy heroes who shoot and guarantee themselves with good aim can play Bastion without any major concerns.

For being versatile and having two shooting configurations and an Ultimate that yields enormous firepower. The ideal is to play Bastion and always be accompanied by a support character.

But, when that is not possible, look for a place reserved to heal with Auto Repair.

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